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Carrickfin: a great place to experience true Christian fellowship, see some truly awesome scenery and lead 11 - 16 year old boys in their faith.  Set in the wilds of Donegal, this boys only canvas camp has been challenging young men since 1928, with its own beach, massive sane dunes and mountains just waiting to be explored.  The day starts with Spartans (a refreshing swim in the Atlantic), followed by organized sports, numerous beach, water and mountain activities and ending with commando night games.  On top of all that, you'll share Jesus with the boys and explain the impact he can have on their lives.  If you have an adventurous spirit then Carrickfin Boys’ Adventure Camp is the place for you!

Carrickfin, Co. Donegal

Sat 3rd July - Sat 10th July 2016



Paul Kennedy



Carrickfinn, Co Donegal

1st July 2019