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If you are 16-18 and want to volunteer at an SU activity then check out It’s Your Move....a camp and a mission with a twist...


For volunteers aged- 16 – 18 years

21 - 28 July 

£160 (Please note there will also be an additional cost for the SU leader hoodie – typically around £20)

Castlewellan Castle


Leader: Sara Graham


This camp is for 16-18 years old who want to learn about leading and have a desire to grow more in their own character and abilities.  


How does it work?  We will train you up for the first 4 days and then your task for the second half of the week, supported by older leaders, will be to run either a camp or mission. Yes, you will be running it!  So come ready to learn, be stretched and challenged to serve in new ways.


This camp / mission combo will run for 8 days, starting on Saturday morning and finishing late Saturday afternoon.   We will split the group:

•            Half heading off to run a children’s mission – a great chance to run a mission in a new area

•            Half staying at the Castle to run a 4-day camp for pupils just leaving p7.  The move to secondary school is huge and we want to help these children with this significant transition.


            This is a fantastic opportunity to put your faith into action and to help those younger learn about Jesus.  


Interested or have questions?

Contact Sara at


Castlewellan Castle

20th July 2019