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Enniskillen 360 is an urban mission that seeks to connect with the community of Enniskillen and wider Fermanagh. Our aim is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with both young and old. With those who are familiar with the Gospel, and those who might be hearing of its saving power for the very first time.


With Enniskillen 360 entering into its 11th year in 2018, some exciting changes are afoot! We’re hoping to get the use of new leader accommodation that will see all of us staying together under one roof in the centre of town, and we’ll still be reaching out to kids, teens and adults through our organised programmes - albeit in a slightly different way!


Our estates work will remain much the same as we get to touch base again with those we got alongside last summer. As will our daily, morning trips out to local nursing homes that both residents and staff value so much.

Oh, and not to forget... We’ve something special on the cards for our final night of the week on Friday the 6th!


We’d love to see you join us in the wild west this summer for the first week of July. If you have any questions about the team please get in touch with team leaders Sarah Stockdale (07596534094) or Matthew Scott (02867737154/07521426015).




29th June 2019