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Yes, I did say WHO not WHAT!  You see Cranfield CSSM is more than a Scripture Union Mission.  It is more than an outreach opportunity.  It is more than two weeks each July near a beach!  Cranfield CSSM is a family.  Each summer over 600 boys, girls, teenagers and their family come across a field every day for two weeks to join the fun, laughter, fellowship, teaching, discipleship and joy that fills the CSSM tent.  These are children and teenagers who along with their families have been making this journey for many many summers as we have seen them grow from Tiddlers, to Prawns, to Lobsters, to Sharks and then for many to make that transition into CSSM Leaders.  They along with our great team of Leaders supported by our local Churches make up the Cranfield CSSM Family which like any family grows and changes each year but like many of our own family members who we only see at the odd family event are connected by strong ties in the relationship they have begun and continue to grow with Jesus.

Set the beautiful backdrop of the Mourne Mountains and Cranfield Bay in Chestnutt Caravan Park, Cranfield CSSM is a Scripture Union Mission team working with boys, girls, teens aged 0 – 16 years – yes, we did say 0 years, as at Cranfield we have our fantastic Starfish Parent & Toddler group and our youngest CSSMer to date was a gorgeous 4 week old baby boy! 

We meet for 3 sessions daily and our varied programme provides opportunity for art & craft, drama, singing, Bible teaching, discipleship and sharing Jesus with people from all over Ireland and beyond.  Last year we registered over 650 boys, girls and teens at CSSM over our two weeks and are really blessed by the amazing Leaders who join us each summer – many of who were CSSM children and many others have been serving there since they!  Could that be you?  Are you available between Saturday 15th to Friday 27th July 2018 and are aged 17 or over and are you someone who enjoys a family atmosphere and has the time to commit to developing good family rwelationships?  Then Cranfield CSSM may be the people you are looking for and we would love to have you join our CSSM family and look forward to meeting you soon!



13th July 2019